"Best place in Los Angeles if you want perfect brows!! I am an NFL cheerleader so my face and eyebrows are very important and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Mahnaz and the students are perfectionists and care about the outcome of every single eyebrow! They really make sure you are happy with how your brows look throughout the entire process. Procedure was relatively painless and they heal beautifully. I highly recommend anyone in search of the perfect brows to come here! Thank you Elite Permanent Makeup!!"
Megan T., Los Angeles, CA
"Elite Permanent Makeup has transformed me from having scant disappearing eyebrows to having beautifully shaped luxurious eyebrows! I was a bit apprehensive going into the process but their professionalism and attention to detail assured me of the end outcome, which was amazing! As a busy professional woman, it is such an amazing time saver having perfect brows the minute you wake up! I highly recommend Elite Permanent Makeup and as your one stop shop for all your permanent makeup needs."
Sally T., Porter Ranch, CA
"The first time I came to Mahnaz was almost two years ago, summer 2014 I was amazed then when she did my eyebrows and couldn't wait for my re-do a few weeks ago. I thought I was amazed then, I'm totally floored this time. I feel wonderful with my new brows and can't wait to go back next month for my lips. By the way I took my 86 year old Mom with me last time and she said, "I feel so special"! Mahnaz, her staff and students are all great to work with. I love the fact that they work strictly by appointment, it just makes it that much more personable... Thank you all."
Maria B., Santa Monica, CA
“I found out about Elite Permanent from a friend who received their microblading services from a student. I decided to come try them and I loved it. I was extremely nervous at first, but Mary did a fantastic job on my brows and the instructors are there every step of the way. I brought my mom a few days later as well. My brows are now healed and I still love them. I would definitely recommend them!” 
Micki J., Atlanta, GA
"She listened patiently to my thoughts and encouraged me to share them with her. She was open to working with my ideas as well as employing her 17 years of experience in the industry to help me know what was best for me as well! I have no makeup, cosmetic, or any other sort of background in the "beauty" industry to give me any of idea of what I should be looking for, so her opinion and experience were a MAJOR plus! She was gentle and took her time to make sure that not only I was pleased, but that she was pleased. She really cares about how her art looks and that made me feel very special knowing that she was truly invested in making me feel better about myself. If she's not happy with it, she'll do what it takes to fix it and I have a ton of respect for her for this."
Tiana A., Whittier, CA


"Training at Elite Permanent Makeup and Training Center has been an incredible experience. The Owner, Mahnaz’s experience and knowledge is exceptional and it has been so much fun getting to know her and the Elite Team! Everyone is always ready to help answer any questions or concerns. There extensive knowledge and skill set combined is unmatched. Thank you Mahnaz and the Elite Permanent Makeup team for being an essential part of my success!"
Gloria O., Torrance, CA
"WOW! Thank you Elite Permanent Makeup for one of the BEST training experiences I've had as an esthetician. This course made me feel very confident in the skills that will be a boost to my business here in Marin County. I flew down for a week long course and couldn't be happier with the information and guidance I was given. Mehnaz is a gifted genius in brows and while I was there I managed to get mine done to perfection. Thank You! Thank You!"
Emily F., San Rafael, CA
"I just finished a course in microblading and it was one of the most amazing and informative educational experience I've ever had. I am currently in esthetician school, I've taken a course in eyelash extensions, and a course in waxing and I can honestly say that I learned more in the 50 hours at Elite than I've learned at the other programs collectively. On top of it all, it's a beautiful facility and the educators are extremely knowledgable and helpful. Hey are truly there to help you learn and succeed. Mahnaz (the owner), has a heart of gold and will teach you so many tricks she's learned in her 17 years in this industry. She's like Yoda getting her Jedis ready. She will also invite you to come back with your clients and I know will always be available to answer any questions."
Lucinda L., Los Angeles, CA
"OBSESSED!!!!! I came here scared to death to get my brows done by a student since the price was so low compared to the countless places I had done hours of research on and HOLY SMOKES was I blown away!!!!! My brows are LIFE!! Perfect!!! Okay first of all, everyone is SO kind!!! They make you feel comfortable and the environment is so clean and pretty!! I was SO nervous, but they put on the numbing cream and were so gentle! It honestly did not hurt! I personally feel getting my eyebrows threaded hurts way more!!! Since my eyebrow microblading I have referred 7 of my NFL Cheerleader teammates and 3 other friends and ALL of them LOVE their brows! We all vary from different hair colors and are different ethnicities and all LOVED our results! The teachers are apart of the students work every step of the way, but the students honestly are already pros and you can tell they have been practicing and perfected their skills before they touch your face! I can't sing their praises enough! I even made a vlog about the experience because I want every woman who wants eyebrow microblading to be as happy with their results as me and my girls have!! You will not regret it!"
Gloria O., Torrance, CA
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